Hi friends it’s Jackie also called JMang. I’m just your college graduate that recently moved from Orlando back home to Tampa. As of this past Christmas 2015, I received an electric mixing bowl for Christmas (thanks, mom) and have recently started my adventures in the world of baking.


Here are some fun facts:

I’m a UCF alum, GO KNIGHTS.

I love food.

I aspire to travel and see the world.

I heavily rely on doing things right & more importantly perfect.

I procrastinate [just like everyone else]

OH, and this is my first blog ever!

About The Blog

The purpose of starting this blog at first was to share some of my baking adventures with the new mixing bowl. Also, I wanted to include some delicious and easy recipes for all my fellow friends in their twenties who are new to the whole adulting thing. I’ve also included a Restaurant tab for my fun and unique restaurant adventures! Now, I plan on taking the blog to a whole new level with all my adventures in traveling and some stuff that helps me get by with my new lifestyle.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~~Eleanor Roosevelt